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300 Click for offerI’m not going to. [Mocking voice] It’s so darn unladylike. GOP counsel questions Lt. Col Vindman on offers to be the Minister of Defense for Ukraine.Vindman: "I'm an American. I came here when I was a toddler and I immediately dismissed these offers. Did not entertain them...the whole notion is rather comical." https://t.co/I5tJy8CV9K pic.twitter.com/6mtDTGi8Xe

86A: After solving this entirely on crosses I figured that “Baby Blues” and “Rhymes With Orange” were each some modern manga or internet COMIC, as I’d never heard of either. They’re actually both longstanding syndicated strips, so this is a blind spot I didn’t realize I had. The comments came after Sondland testified before the committee that Pompeo was aware of the push to open investigations that Trump wanted into a Ukraine gas company, Burisma, and the 2016 elections.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEHe was at the top of the field at 25, and oscillated between the ballet stage, where he created ardent works like “Age of Anxiety” (1950) and “The Cage” (1951), and Broadway, choreographing “Peter Pan” (1954) and, of course, “West Side Story” (1957). By all accounts he was a perfectionist, by many a bully; he made the Jets and the Sharks take lunch breaks separately, and a caricature here, made by a “West Side Story” actor, pictures Robbins as a bullwhip-wielding taskmaster. Vindman says he had already been tracking the "alternative narrative" around Ukraine when he decided to immediately report the July 25 call to NSC lawyers.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTY“The Department of Transportation has a lot to do with the building of roads in America, and the secretary ought not to be on both sides of the deal,” Mr. Weissman said. “Why didn’t she just cash out?” Purdue Pharma’s international affiliate, Mundipharma, pushed OxyContin in China with the same misleading claims that allegedly fed the deadliest drug abuse epidemic in U.S. history, AP finds.

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The Naked Labs Body Scanner is the latest high-end smart home gadget we've installed at the CNET Smart Home, and I'm not the only one putting it to the test -- my colleagues Ashlee Clark Thompson, Andrew Gebhart, Megan Wollerton and Steve Conaway are also bravely giving it a go. A few weeks from now, we'll compile our experiences into a full review. - Apple Podcasts

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“Definitely,” James replies. Oakland Zoo spokeswoman Erin Harrison said in a statement Tuesday that a child hit a rock against the glass several times, “shattering the laminate layer.”

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Aeschylus asks whether Orestes should suffer death for killing his mother, or be forgiven, with a jury of Athenians rendering a final decision. In the version of the last scene recorded on video, Mr. Dargham and seven of his schoolmates, playing the jury, came to a split decision on Orestes’ fate. Lizzo picked up nominations for album of the year with her major-label debut, “Cuz I Love You”; song and record of the year with her anthemic No. 1 hit, “Truth Hurts”; and best new artist.

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BOSTON — Jayson Tatum boomed on LeBron James in last year’s N.B.A. playoffs. You may remember it. Tatum, the 21-year-old swingman for the Boston Celtics, certainly does. The house in Braunau am Inn, near the German border, will be redesigned following an international architectural competition.

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