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Ms. Adcock joined the discussions even though the ethics agreement she signed said she would not participate “personally and substantially in any particular matter” involving CropLife for one year. An Agriculture Department spokesman said this did not violate that ban because she had not specifically lobbied on endangered species matters for CropLife. If you don't have an iPhone X or a big, honkin' iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus, then your biggest gripe about your current iPhone is likely its inability to capture Portrait mode shots with the cool, artsy, blurred backgrounds. A cottage industry of apps has sprung up to approximate Portrait mode's depth-of-field effect, but you don't need to install a new app to get Portrait mode. If you are among the legions that use Instagram, then you can already take Portrait mode shots.

Fast forward almost two years. Yang is running an unexpectedly robust campaign, addressing the perils of automation, that qualified him to stand on stage alongside Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Digital killed the physical media star.

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View this recipe in your weekly plan. Another way hackers can get into your iPhone -- or at least buy some time to find a way to circumvent your passcode -- is to enable Airplane mode via Control Center from the lock screen. With your iPhone in Airplane mode, you can't track it via Find my iPhone.

Ms. Dupree, 79, also required a plate of curry-scented Country Captain and some shrimp bog, the wetter, milder cousin to Louisiana’s jambalaya. First published May 3, 6 a.m. PT.

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Log InThere are a “whole lot of cultural and policy questions up for grabs in this Democratic primary.” Alex Burns on the differing visions for the future put forth by 20 Democratic presidential candidates in the debates. Evan Greer, deputy director of digital rights advocacy group Fight for the Future:"Hold the obituaries. net neutrality is not dead. Ajit Pai's absurd repeal of basic free speech protections is the most unpopular decision in the history of the FCC, and it will not stand. The Senate already passed a historic bipartisan resolution disapproving the repeal. Now the entire Internet is laser focused on getting the House of Representatives to do the same."