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300 Click for offerBoth were sharply observed studies of their subjects. The first examined great musicals made under the auspices of the producer Arthur Freed, beginning with “The Wizard of Oz.” 5. Tomato Sandwiches

If it’s soul, it’ll be Marvin Gaye or Minnie Riperton or Donny Hathaway. I’m giving you the obvious names. Also Al Wilson. I like to have music on when I’m cleaning the house. Sometimes on weekdays when Zooey’s at work I’ll make a mess. I try to clean up by the time she gets home but it doesn’t always work out, so I’ll clean on weekends. My favorite household tech product is an Ecovacs Deebot robotic vacuum. I named him Fred. I know he’s just a robot, but I’ve become quite fond of my new co-worker: Fred whirs efficiently around our house, sucking up Cheerios and toast crumbs, while I pound out a story on deadline.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEARTEK at Corpus Christi Church (Jan 10-11, 8 p.m.) Celebrating the completion of a recording, this excellent early music group gives a complete account spread over two nights of Book 7 the Madrigals by Monteverdi, a composer with whom they have had a long and productive relationship.212-866-0468, gemsny.org “The flagship Apple store in New York is bigger, more modern and offers more services than the local Apple store at your mall,” said Barak Hirschowitz, president of the International Luxury Hotel Association. “Similarly a flagship hotel will be in the best location, is usually larger, and offers more bars, restaurants and services than other properties within the brand.”

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYErin Boisson Aries, an associate broker with Christie’s International Real Estate’s New York brokerage, said part of the appeal of the building was its development potential. The 6,400-square-foot structure can be expanded to more than 12,000 square feet, and the purchase of additional air rights from the city would allow for roughly 18,500 square feet, she said. The facade, which still bears Mr. Young’s name, is not protected by landmark status. Ms. Aries shares the listing with Nic Bottero, also with Christie’s. SWAT teams converged on the home, and the gunman continued firing on the responding officers, including the commissioner and a SWAT team vehicle, the authorities said. Officers tried to communicate with the gunman by phone and by a bullhorn. Other people were also inside the home during the standoff; it was unclear whether they lived there.

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“He is the only person who knows who this whistle-blower is,” Mr. McCarthy said. “How many times did he meet with the whistle-blower? What did he talk to the whistle-blower about?” Young Thug, ‘Lil Baby’From the new Young Thug album, “So Much Fun,” comes the zenlike “Lil Baby.” At the beginning, he whispers, “Buy a pink Mercedes,” and by the end, he’s declaring, “This year I’m seeing mil/Last year I popped 35,000 pills.” CARAMANICA

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A FatherIn his quest to find his missing son, Emiliano Navarrete Victoriano has lost touch with his two other children. Despite always being several steps behind the plot — a wonderful and rare feeling — we get to know the Conlees very well. Defying Fields, Ms. Wohl has chosen not only to work with children but also to depend on them as expressive actors. She has come close to the heart of a truth about childhood: They know how to “play” others even if they can’t play themselves. Somehow Ryan Foust (Chris), Maren Heary (Kate), Casey Hilton (Addie) and Harrison Fox (Carl) are both adorable and terrifying.

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While it suffered from teething problems at the beginning, Apple Music has grown to become one of the most popular streaming services. It offers plenty of features and a wealth of discount options for families and students. There's also ton of playlists, many hand-crafted by musicians and tastemakers, but it still lacks the robust sharing options built into Spotify. Bicycle advocates held a rally outside the building, saying opponents valued parking spaces over the lives of cyclists.

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• The House has begun changing its rules to reflect the Democrats’ new priorities. Johnson Publishing was, ultimately, a victim of its own success. By acclimatizing the country to the black presence in stories and advertising, it pushed other publications to open their pages. As this transformation took hold, Ebony became one magazine among many in a landscape where depictions of blackness were no longer rare. The curtain is falling on the Johnson empire just as historians have begun to recognize the company’s enduring contribution to the national culture.

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