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His poetry often addressed the tensions inherent in living in Belfast during troubled times. “Last Orders,” from “Belfast Confetti,” begins starkly: “After the Wedding” opens on Aug. 9 in New York and Los Angeles before a wider rollout on Aug. 16. Stream Bier’s original on Amazon.com. KATHRYN SHATTUCK

Mr. Marrero was arrested in a pre-dawn raid on his home in which Néstor Reverol, the country’s interior minister, said he was “caught with war weapons.” Opposition officials said the arms were planted by the government. Tim Murtaugh, a Trump campaign spokesman, defended the ads.

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That location feature must be turned on by customers to work, and the data collected isn't used for any marketing, advertising or personalization on Amazon's website, and it isn't sold to other companies, Daniel said. The quarter-point reduction is unlikely to get you a better mortgage rate. Here’s where you might see effects.

SoftBank faces other challenges. It paid .6 billion for Sprint in 2013, promising that it could become America’s biggest carrier. Instead Sprint has fallen behind, and SoftBank is counting on merging the company with T-Mobile. If that deal fails, the research analyst Craig Moffett warned, “there’s a very solid argument that Sprint’s equity is worthless.” India has guaranteed a degree of autonomy to the people of Kashmir, a disputed territory between India and Pakistan, since 1947. Why did India unilaterally erase that autonomy this week?

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Log InBruce Schaller, a former city transportation official, said taxis and ride-app cars have contributed to Manhattan gridlock. In a study last year, he found equal numbers of taxis and black cars in the central business district during the weekday — together accounting for two-thirds of all the vehicles there. Making matters worse, the for-hire vehicles often drove around with empty back seats. Echoing Facebook’s hopes for its Libra token, which was unveiled this year, Telegram has said the Gram will become a new online currency and a way to move money anywhere in the world.